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Set out to conquer, rule and cultivate the land with others! Build amazing settlements of houses to soaring skyscrapers! With a dynamic economy there's many ways to buy, sell and trade goods for resources or money. As you progress financially you can unlock more abilities, perks, commands and kits through our custom rank shop. Some activities range from painting a canvass on an easel, building custom mob farms to constructing working elevators! And with other features like McMMO, ClueScrolls, FishingQuests and Jobs - you'll never run out of things to do!

Server Rules

1. No hacking, hacked clients, or x-ray.

2. No griefing or stealing.

3. No swearing, bypassing or spamming.

4. Follow contraption guidelines. /cguide

5. Respect each other.

6. Have fun!

Contraption Guidelines

Java isn't a well optimized platform to host servers off of. Since we're lacking CPU multi-threading capabilities, that means performance is very finite. With any given server there has to be limits on certain aspects of the game to ensure it's lag-free for everyone else. In response to the issue, we have done everything we can to patch memory leaks and optimize these features as best we can. We've also established some guidelines everyone must follow to keep the server running in tip-top shape.

- You must contain the spawner and mobs in an enclosed area. We will refer to this as a "Grinder" - the unit that will contain and process mobs summoned from a Spawner

- Ensure the walls of the Grinder are 9 blocks out directionally and that there are no unlit spots outside of the walls that could result in mobs potentially spawning

- You may only have up to 16 of one spawner type in a single Grinder (they stack into a single block)

- Every Grinder must have an active redstone signal (i.e. a lever) applied to a spawner not in use

- Attempting to place the same spawner within the same grinder will simply not work

- There is a mob cap to how many mobs spawned will accumulate. Ensure you are killing your mobs for maximum efficiency

- You may build as many grinders as you'd like as long as they follow the guidelines above

Hoppers are extremely buggy as of 1.16 and consume a lot of server resources

- No more than 25 hoppers per base

- Use water to transport items when applicable (i.e. water pushing items to a single hopper collection point)

- Improper use of hoppers will result in admin removal

Redstone Machines
- Do not build 0 tick farms. This includes shaky sand farms, etc. These are subject for admin removal. (More info: Minecraft WiKi)

- Absolutely no duping. This constitutes as hacking - a fancy word for cheating nonetheless. This breaks the rules and will result in punishment

- All machines must have an off switch

- No chunk loading machines

- No intentional entity cramming machines such as minecarts or falling blocks

- All items being processed must have a backup overflow system

- No large "item sorting" machines. There are many far less complicated alternatives for sorting and storing items on the server

Mob Limits
- No more than 50 Animals, Mobs, Armor Stands and Villagers in a loaded area

- Excessive mobs loaded in an area or low server TPS will result in animal AI "freezing". You can interact with them to "un-freeze" their AI

- Protect your farm animals or villagers from getting culled by naming them with a nametag

World Info

PvP: Mutual (Shift+Click player to duel) 
RTP: Enabled ($300)
Difficulty: Hard
Size: 20,000
KeepInventory: Enabled
VoidDeath: Disabled
Fall Damage: Enabled
MobGriefing: False (Villager mechanics enabled)
LandClaiming: Enabled  

PvP: Disabled
RTP: Rank Only ($300)
Difficulty: Normal
Size: 15,000
KeepInventory: Disabled
VoidDeath: Disabled
Fall Damage: Enabled
MobGriefing: Disabled
LandClaiming: Enabled  

PvP: Disabled
RTP: Rank Only ($300)
Difficulty: Normal
Size: 15,000
KeepInventory: Disabled
VoidDeath: Disabled
Fall Damage: Disabled
MobGriefing: Disabled 
LandClaiming: Enabled (Not in center island)

Player Ranks

Player ranks are milestones you achieve through finances you acquire on the server. Each player rank equips you with bonus features listed below, a new special tag and unlocks the next available rank for progression. Player ranks must be purchased in order.

- + Kit Color
- + Chat colors
- + Chat formatting
- + /me command
- + 1 Additional homeset

- + Kit Citizen
- + 50K claimblock limit
- + 1 Additional pwarp
- + 1 Additional job
- + /marriage

- + /containersell
- + /ah sell (3 Slots)
- + Can set up ChestShops
- + 1 Additional homeset

- + Kit Fisherman
- + /mf shop

- + Kit Artist
- + Access to BannerMaker (/bm)

- + Kit Mechanic
- + Create and use elevators
- + 1 Additional homeset
- + 1 Additional pwarp
- + Can mine spawners with silk touch pickaxe

- + Can upgrade & combine spawners
- + Can use HeadsDatabase shop
- + Can create Balance signs
- + Can create Disposal signs
- + Can create Mail signs
- + Can create Warp signs
- + Can rename items at a cost
- + Can set item lore at a cost

- + /condense
- + 1 Additional homeset
- + 50K Claimblock limit
- + 1 Additional pwarp
- + Mine spawners without SilkTouch

- + Kit Adventurer
- + 9 Backpack slots
- + Slime chunk finder (use slimeball)
- + /rtp end

- + 18 Backpack slots
- + Petblock companion
- + Spark /trail

- + /nv (Get it? "Knight" Vision)
- + 1 Additional homeset
- + 1 Additional pwarp

- + Kit Legendary
- + /showitem
- + /pweather
- + 4X Bonus tree loot

- + 1 Additional homeset
- + /ptime
- + /feed

- + Kit Titan
- + 2 Additional custom enchants
- + Instant TP

- + Kit Mystical
- + Fill bottles with EXP (use emerald block)
- + Can /glow items
- + Purple /eglow color
- + Magic text formatting
- + Magic /trail
- + 3 Additional custom enchants

- + /nick
- + 1 Additional homeset
- + /craft

- + Kit Immortal
- + x2 McMMO XP Boost
- + /heal
- + Flame trail
- + Yellow /eglow color

Resource Packs

Coming soon! These have yet to be updated for 1.16