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17 OCT

Happy Autumn!

Server Changes
- Updated the Tutorial area at Spawn and gave it a facelift.
- There are a couple new additions to the leaderboards area at spawn.
- Rainbow crate rewards have been adjusted.
- Lucky crate rewards have been adjusted.
- Fixed an issue with Player Warps not respecting rank permissions.
- Fixed an issue where new players were not getting assigned the [Bum] tag.
- Tags now honor ranks and will not clear on relog.
- Adjusted farming prices & you can now sell seeds and saplings in /shop.
- Donor rank descriptions on the store page have been updated.
- Fixed a bug with /ranks not properly showing the locked icon for Mystic.
- Backpacks now honor Keep Inventory.
- More grace when clicking the wrong answer on Captchas.
- Removed robot head item from captchas and replaced it with $100 reward for solving.
- Fixed an issue with custom enchantments breaking.
- Engineer now has the ability to /rename items as advertised.
- Gave spawn an Autumn-themed makeover.

New: Meteorite Changes & Space Crate! 
We've made some exciting new changes to the meteorites event!
- New Space Crate!
- Meteorites are now more spread out when they land.
- Meteorites have a chance of spawning a "core" block.
- When right clicked, the core block will directly give you a space crate key and generate more loot inside.

Meteorite Core Loot Tables
10-64 avg. Coal
10-64 avg. Charcoal
10-64 avg. Flint
10-64 avg. Blackstone
10-64 avg. Magma Block
3-20 avg. Obsidian
40% Wither Skull
30% Ender Mite Spawn Egg
4% Nether Star

Rainbow Improvements
- Rainbows now spawn every hour.
- Rainbows require at least 3 players online in order to spawn.
- Standardized rainbow loot, rainbows & leprechauns.
- Rainbow treasure now has a smaller percentage to be offset.
- Rainbow treasure is now fully random; containing loot such as custom enchants, diamonds, and more.
- There is now a V2 Rainbow gearset that isn't prone to crash clients.
- Rainbow gear & tools can now only be obtained through the Rainbow Crate.
- Every rainbow treasure chest now has a 100% chance of containing a Rainbow Crate Key.

Planned Rainbow Improvements
Due to plugin limitations, the following features will need be implemented at a later date:
- Rainbows & treasure chests honoring player claims.
- Announcement for when a rainbow's Leprechaun is found.
- Announcement for when a rainbow dissipates or de-spawns.

New! - PvP Arena & Labyrinths
- New portal to minigames world at spawn. (/warp Minigames)
- Stepping into portal opens a GUI menu to browse available features.
- Many of the arenas and games are still being heavily worked on.
- All commands aside from using /home, /m or /spawn are disabled in arenas to prevent "cheesing" them.
- KeepInventory is enabled in the PvP Arena.

Currently Available Maps:
- Dust II PvP Arena
- Corn Maze

Do keep in mind, a lot is subject to change. Report any issues in #🏥-support on the Discord Server. Enjoy!


Recent Server Changes

- New milestone rankup GUI with 19 different ranks to choose from
- New RGB Tags
- Killing mobs now trains McMMO Unarmed ability
- New Leaderboards display at spawn